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Looking for the top oil & gas recruitment agencies in Alberta?

Searching for a new oil & gas career in Alberta?
Simply select the Alberta oil & gas recruiters listed here and contact the ones that specialize in your field of experience. You can also view their current job opportunities posted on their web sites, connect with them directly across social media, and professional networks. Best of luck with your oil & gas job search If you are a professional in the Oil & Gas Industry with experience in Drilling, Geosciences, Design & Process Engineering, Structural Engineering, Project Management, Technical Sales, Technical Management, and Health & Safety experience - browse our online directory today to get in touch with Oil & Gas Recruiters in Alberta ready to help take your career to the next level. 

Employers looking to fill an oil & gas vacancy in Alberta?
You will find the Alberta oil & gas recruitment firms and headhunters presented here happy to assist you by recruiting the best candidates to fill this vacancy! To get started just have a job description and salary range ready to send to them. In this competitive oil & gas job market, it can be difficult to locate and attract qualified oil & gas professionals. Headhunters Directory can assist with hiring the most qualified individuals in the oil & gas industry. Get in touch with specialized oil & gas recruiters in Alberta who will connect you to qualified candidates in all job functions within the petroleum sector.

Your guide to the best Alberta oil & gas recruiters, headhunters, and employment agencies focused on the oil & gas / petroleum sector in Alberta.


 T: 403-537-2594                 

Calgary, Alberta

Cadre is a recruitment firm specialized in placing mid-level to executive level personnel within Oil & Gas positions.

Carver PA Corporation

 T: 780-489-4444                  

Edmonton, Alberta

Carver PA Corporation is staffing & employment agency that specializes in the placement of Engineers for the Oil & Gas industry.

Casey & Associates

 T: 403-668-5524                  

Calgary, Alberta

Casey & Associates is a recruitment firm specializing in placements for the Oil & Gas sector.

Conroy Ross Partners

 T: 403-261-8080        

Calgary, Alberta

Conroy Ross Partners is an Executive & Consulting firm that specializes in the Oil & Gas and Power Generation industries.

Contract Professionals Canada Inc.

 T: 403-263-3929                   

Calgary, Alberta

Contract Professionals Canada specializes in Oil & Gas and Pipeline recruitment of Construction Managers, Cost Estimating, Project Management and Pipeline Inspection services as well as provides Facility, Civil and Electrical Inspectors.

David Alpin Group

 T: 403-261-9000     

Calgary, Alberta

David Alpin Group is a Executive Recruitment Agency providing Oil & Gas placements.

Design Group Staffing

 T: 403-233-2788               

Calgary, Alberta

Design Group Staffing provides placement for Engineering, Technical and Technical sales roles in Mining, Oil & Gas and Architecture & Design sectors.

Genesis Executive 

 T: 403- 237-8622                     

Calgary, Alberta

Genesis Executive is a retained executive search firm for the Oil & Gas and Energy sector.

GFR Recruiting Inc.

 T: 403-261-7822                  

Calgary, Alberta

GFR Recruiting Inc. is a search firm that specializes in the placement of Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists in the oil & gas industry.

Ian Martin Group

 T: 403-262-2600                     

Calgary, Alberta

Ian Martin Group is a professional recruitment agency placing candidates in roles in IT, Engineering, and Telecommunications professionals for the Oil & Gas industry.

Leighton Partners

 T: 403-389-2234                     

Calgary, Alberta

Executive Search & Recruitment firm based in Calgary, AB with expertise in Oil & Gas, Engineering, Renewable Energy, and Mining & Minerals sectors.

Petro Staff International

 T: 403-266-8988                    

Calgary, Alberta

Petro Staff International is a professional Recruitment and Placement Agency dedicated to Oil & Gas recruitment.


 T: 403-264-3283             

Calgary, Alberta

Roevin is a staffing agency providing placements within Engineering & Technical disciplines for the Oil & Gas, Mining, Power, Energy, and Construction sectors.

Skills 4 Energy

 T: 403-269-2129                     

Calgary, Alberta

Skills 4 Energy is a Staffing Solutions and Recruitment agency providing consulting and technical services in Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, and Shipbuilding sectors.

Summit Search Group

 T: 403-303-2727                

Calgary, Alberta

Summit Search Group is an executives search firm specializing in the Oil & Gas sector.

TRS Staffing Solutions

 T: 403-571-4775                     

Calgary, Alberta

TRS Staffing Solutions is a recruitment company for professional, engineering, technical and field services talent in the Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Power and Renewable Energy industries.

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